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The cooperative wants to start with neighborhood deliveries and services, especially for customers who might have a harder time coming into the store. “We’re trying to keep it really grassroots at first,” Gilbertson said. “You don’t want to exclude anybody, but we want to make sure we take care of our neighbors first.” The Co-op will join other larger grocery stores in the city with delivery or pre-ordered pickups. Gilbertson said the store will charge a nominal fee but that a specific amount hasn’t been finalized. There’s an e-commerce market that is important to serve, he said. “It’s foolish not to get a part of it.” While the Co-op has more than 3,000 members who receive discounts on purchases, anyone can shop at the store. The Co-op was founded in 1973 and has been at several locations in Sioux Falls. The Co-op has expanded with new offerings in a larger store space that allows it to serve lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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